The First Southern Team
  • Russ Tyler - Pastor
    Russ serves as Pastor and provides visionary leadership while exercising spiritual oversight along with the deacons and ministers of the church. Russ has served as Pastor since 2004, and is committed to building a better church and community. His ministry is easily summed up in a simple, yet profound, phrase: "Loving God and Loving People."
  • Daniel Lowery- Associate Pastor
    Serving and "wearing many hats" at First Southern since 2016, Daniel has had a strong desire to make the Word of God a central part of his ministry. His heart is to shepherd and love people while proclaiming the truths of the Gospel.
  • Cheryl Tyler - Secretary / Pre School Director
    Cheryl serves as the Church Secretary throughout the week and serves as our Pre School Director. She has a great love for children and finds great joy with helping our little ones grow in their faith towards Christ.
  • Will Boyd - Minister of Children
    Will Boyd serves as the children's director and helps implement and train our workers to reach and raise up this next generation. He has a sincere and hungry heart to minister to children, and sees the important connection between parents and child discipleship.
  •  Jacob King- Minister of Youth
    Jacob King serves as out Student Director.
  • Lee Dobson - Minister of Music
    As the Minister of Music, Lee oversees all support ministries, and prepares all worship services, music, and seasonal musical productions. He has lead thousands of people in worship during his 30 years of service to the Lord! Lee has served with us at First Southern since 2013.
  • Rayda Hobbs - Music Associate
    Rayda is the pianist during regular services and has served as music associate since 2008.
  • Tina Biggerstaff - Financial Secretary
    Tina joined the FirstSBC team in 2004 as the Financial Secretary.
  • Ron Moore - Media Director
    Ron has served in the media since 2010 and has been media director since 2016. He handles all technical related issues that arise.